Mike Fukanaga thought dealing with his jokester best friend, Owen Reynolds and trying to win the heart of his long time crush Amanda Mckay would be the biggest challenges in high school. Boy was he wrong. When Mike discovers that he comes from a long line of ninjas, he's ushered into the exciting world of crime-fighting, butt-kicking, and villain-battling. Mike & Owen team up as "Supah Ninjas" and begin training with Mike's grandpa a.k.a "Hologramps." Too bad it's not as easy as it sounds -- between dealing with drama at school and fighting super villains, these Supah Ninjas are in for one tough battle.

  • Amanda


    Amanda Mckay has it all. She's smart, athletic, and popular. But underneath, she's a girl who wants adventure, and is not afraid of a good fight. With nerves of steel and a solid roundhouse kick, Amanda is out to prove that looks can be deceiving and this is one cheerleader you don't wanna mess with.

  • Hologramps


    Grandpa -- a.k.a "Hologramps" - is the sensei of the Supah Ninjas and Mike's grandfather. A hologram carrying the family ninja legacy, he guides the Supah Ninjas and trains them in an underground high-tech dojo. He acts as the spiritual leader of the team, and is the heart of this group.

  • Mike


    Mike Fukanaga is quiet and a little shy, having never quite realized his potential. But his world is turned upside down when he discovers a secret underground dojo, where a hologram of his Grandpa awaits to train him in the ways of the Ninja. Mike discovers he is the latest in a long family line of Ninjas, and ultimately learns about leadership, friendship, and romance while saving Empire City from villains.

  • Owen


    Owen Reynolds is Mike's best friend and sidekick since the third grade. Whether duking it out with a bully in the cafeteria or fighting side-by-side against a mega-villain, Owen is there for Mike. He may be the class clown, but don't write Owen off just as a comedian -- this Supah Ninja has a few tricks up his sleeves.


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The most coolest show.Love this man!

Anshuman Panda1st Apr, 2015


23rd Oct, 2014

supah ninjas is a cool show

Adithya 14th May, 2014


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